Who we are and what we do

We produce unique handmade beaded gemstone jewelry using a range of 15 African semi-precious gemstones ( tiger's eye, jasper, carnelian, amethyst, blue lace agate to name a few ) and a bold colourful mix of glass, wood and clay beads - made locally using clay from rivers in the area.

Each style of handcrafted gemstone jewelry we make is available in many colour combinations reflecting the colours of the semi-precious stones used.

We also use recycled glass in an original mix of recycled glass and gemstone jewelry.

We use the Big Five animal charms in a colourful range of Big Five jewelry and Lacryma Jobi seeds (also known as Job's Tears) in an original style of authentic South African jewelry.

All the jewelry has been enjoying great success in the many tourist locations, game parks and lodges, and gift shops we supply. We assure you of our workmanship and reliability as a manufacturing wholesaler of handmade jewelry.

All our handcrafted jewelry pieces come with an attractive header card telling the customer a little about the stones used, the Big Five animals, Job's tears beads or the recycled glass.

For more information on our products and prices please contact us

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